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Thank you for taking the time to read the Fine Print.  Most people do not take the time to read the details.  Just by visiting the page, you are in the top 10% of customers who care about the specifics.  This is very beneficial for you and for me!  Understanding the service you are paying for will create a Win / Win relationship for the both of us!

Every detail job is different just as every person's expectations vary.  This is why a conversation is essential before a detail job is performed.  This will give me the opportunity to help you ask the right questions and to assess your needs.  I need a certain amount of information in order to find out what you value most and therefore deliver on your expectations.  When this happens, I can truly create a win / win situation between you and me!


As a rule, Car Detail Prices are appropriate for 90% of you reading this.  The remaining category will require pricing that is above the prices indicated.  If you are most concerned with price, we can stick to an exact budget.  If you are not as concerned with price and more concerned with the highest quality detail for your situation, we will accommodate. 

In general, people misrepresent the condition of their cars during a phone conversation.  No judgement here, it's just a reality and I must respond accordingly.  This is the reason why I give starting prices on this page.  

In general, I do house calls only to detached single family homes.  Local ordinances have made it extremely difficult to service businesses.  What is legal in one city may not be in the next, not to mention individual businesses have insurance regulations and other rules of their own.  However, there are rare cases wen a business service is possible - every rule has an exception....  If this interests you, we can certainly try to figure it out.

If all this information seems excessive and confusing - I understand  - feel free to call, text or email me so we can simply have a conversation.




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