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My goal is to be a voice of reason in an industry that is saturated with hype and false advertising.  I will cut to the chase and transform you into an informed consumer by explaining what auto

detailing is really all about.   


David M. Helmer





The auto detailing industry has been around for as long as cars have.. For many people, detailing is just glorified car      washing.  For others, detailing is the art of meticulously shampooing, steam cleaning and degreasing the interior of a          car, while polishing and waxing the exterior.  Detailing can be done on a regular basis as part of your required   

maintenance, or to restore a vehicle that has been neglected.  The level of detail required depends entirely on each   

individual.  What is appropriate for some will not be enough for others.  Not every person has the same discerning eye        as the next...


"What is Auto Detailing?" - You Ask

Detailing can range from a maintenance wash and wax, all the way to a much more in-depth service for those who have a critical eye.  Your level of expectation will vary.




In life, we are often told to "don't worry too much about the details", or

"don't sweat the small stuff".  Auto detailing is an area where these attitudes do not apply. 



After all, it is "DETAILING"...not "GENERALING"















We Definitely Sweat the Details

From your leather seats, to your wooden dash trim, to your doorjambs to your headliner - we really do get the details right!  We will carefully maintain the appearance of your car just as you would want to maintain it mechanically.  We will shampoo, buff, polish and wax your vehicle to maintain its beauty and value.  Just as you would want to maintain your car mechanically, it is equally important to maintain your paint, leather, carpet and headliner!


Professional Detailing of Santa Clara County

DH Mobile Auto has been maintaining the value and beauty of Santa Clara County's cars since 2003.  We do this in a way that not only provides the most service for your money, but also in a manner that interrupts your life as little as possible.  We also deliver a service based on:

Only The Best Products

Professional Techniques

Professional Results


If you are a person who places a high value on your car, your time and your money, give us a call for a straight-forward discussion about how we can help.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

car detailing
car detailing
before and after paint correction

Before Paint Correction

After Paint Correction





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Serving Santa Clara County!


Auto Detailing Explained

Santa Clara County

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