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My goal is to be a voice of reason in an industry that is saturated with hype and false advertising.  I will cut to the chase and transform you into an informed consumer by explaining what auto

detailing is really all about.   


David M. Helmer



You have a lot of choices when it comes to professional detailing.  Whether you need your boat, RV, motorcycle or car   

detailed, you can either do the job yourself or have it done professionally.




DH Mobile Auto Detail is your premiere choice for detailing that is based on the following:

Like you, I have grown tired of the Over Promise - Under Deliver theme that seems to dominate the business  world today.  When you are ready for a real change, give us a call!



Bottom Line: We Deliver the Results You Are Looking For!

After all, isn't this what matters the most?  Can someone deliver?


It is worth noting that my services are not for everyone.  I am not the "cheap guy" or the discount guy.  I care about quality - not quantity and I have found that my customers do, too.  My customers tend to: 

If you are ready for a truly superior detail service that is provided by a seasoned professional, you have come to the right place.  I take the time to learn what my customers value the most.  This allows me to prioritize so that I can deliver results based on your expectations!


car detailing
car interior detailing
cat detailing




650 208 5435

Serving Santa Clara County!


Have a critical eye for details

Place a high value on their time and money

Require a service that does not interrupt their lives

Paint so shiny, you can't stop staring!


Cornea-blistering gloss!

Clean like you have never seen!

Service that is built on trust

Service that interrupts your life as little as possible


Professional and consistent results 

Auto Detailing - The DH Way!

Santa Clara County

650 208 5435

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