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My goal is to be a voice of reason in an industry that is saturated with hype and false advertising.  I will cut to the chase and transform you into an informed consumer by explaining what auto

detailing is really all about.   


David M. Helmer














boat detailing
boat detailing
boat detailing

Boat owners normally have very unique requests when it comes to boat detailing. No two boats are the same and professional detailing services must take this into account.  I treat each boat with a unique response based on your needs.

In this sense, we think of boat detailing as a buffet - a little of this, and a lot of that.  I am very familiar with the various materials that boats are made from such as fiberglass and gelcoat.  Each material requires the appropriate response.

Whether your boat stays inside and needs regular maintenance, or it needs oxidation removal from living in the elements, we can help! 

Boat detailing is vastly different from auto detailing.  Fiberglass and Gelcoat, which is what boats are made from, require a very different approach whether they are being washed or fully detailed.  Auto detailing materials and methods are generally not sufficient when detailing boats and RV's. Boat interiors can also be very complicated to detail because of the materials themselves and the level of dirt found in most boats.  Please continue to read so I can make you into an informed consumer......

Boat Detailing
Santa Clara County
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Unfortunately, there are a lot of auto detailers who lack the experience to asses the condition of your boat and to detail it properly.  When searching for a boat detailer, experience specifically with boats is essential!  For any type of boat detailing service, look no further!  If you are looking for honest and open communication in regards to the best detail approach for you, you have come to the right place!  Whether your boat needs full oxidation removal or simply a wash and wax, we can help.

Santa Clara County Boat Detailing - Exterior

Just as boat exteriors all require a unique approach, so do the interiors.  Again, the materials we are dealing with are not auto materials and the level of dirt is usually much more severe.  We generally remove every removable piece from your boat's interior so that we have better access to all the nooks and crannies that need to be cleaned.  In addition, we clean every accessible area within your boat, including storage compartments. However, you might not require this level of  detailing and would rather have us spend more time on something else that is of higher value to you.

Santa Clara County Boat Detailing - Interior

interior boat detailing

Years of experience have taught me that every boat will have different needs and not all owners value the same things.  For this reason, we configure services for you as a person.  Our customers appreciate this custom tailored approach.

Here are some things to consider:

How old is your boat?

When was it last detailed?

Does a certain part of you boat need paint correction due to rubbing and the rest only need a wash and wax?


Santa Clara Boat Detailing - Interior

 Boat Detailing Service


Full wash of boat and trailer

Clay bar treatment on gel coat

Marine grade sealant applied to boat, out drive and trailer

Vacuum interior

Deep clean seats, underneath seats and storage compartments

Shampoo / steam clean carpeting 

Degrease steering wheel and fully detail gauges, instrument cluster, knobs, dials, etc...

Clean wheels

Clean and dress tires

$15 per foot and up

Gelcoat Restoration - Santa Clara County

Per Quote

Oxidation causes a chalky, dull appearance on your boat's paint. This happens when your Gelcoat is neglected.  The sun's UV rays slowly break down the the very top layer of your Gelcoat, causing this worn-out appearance.  Unfortunately, this cannot simply be fixed with a wash and wax.  In this case, paint correction
(the use of heavy cutting compound and polishing with high speed buffers) will be required to restore your boat back to its original luster.

This process will add to the cost of a boat detail as it is not included in the standard Boat Detailing rate listed above.

But I promise - You Will Love the End Result!!!   




650 208 5435

Serving Santa Clara County!

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