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RV Detailing
Santa Clara County
650 208 5435

DH Mobile Auto Detail has been detailing RV's as long as it has been detailing cars!  We provide washing and detailing for all shapes and sizes.  

rv detailing
rv detailing

DH Mobile Auto Detailing is your Premier Choice for RV's: 

Class C
Class A
Diesel Pushers
5th Wheels
Toy Haulers
Horse Trailers

DH Mobile Auto Detail has been detailing RV's as long as it has been detailing cars!  We provide washing and detailing for all shapes and sizes.  We are very familiar with all the various sizes, configurations and paint types that the RV world is made of.

Detailing an RV is vastly different from detailing a car or truck. Different material requires the use of special products, techniques and a ton of effort...

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We understand that RV's come in endless sizes and configurations.  This is why there really is no such thing as a One-Size-Fits-All detail service.  The variables, along with customer's needs, have taught us to custom fit our process on a case-by-case basis.  Most customers want a little of this and a little of that and we are happy to accommodate.

Here are some things to consider:

We service Santa Clara County and some surrounding areas.  

We can come to your home, business or RV park.  Please note that every RV park has different rules and regulations. You will need to check your park's rules and regulations     

You have probably realized that we are not the "cheap guys".  If you are shopping for detailing services based on pricealone, we are likely not a good fit.  But if you are shopping value, we will likely be a good fit and we will treat your RV with the appropriate response recommend a plan that is a good fit for you.  This is how we create a win / win for both sides.

RV Detail Pricing

Full Exterior Wash
(not including roof)

$6.00 per foot

Wash all sides including front and back

Degrease tires

Clean wheels

Clean exterior windows

Dress tires

Wipe down exterior doorjambs and storage compartments 

Bug removal if required

Full Exterior Wash
(including roof)

$10.00 per foot

Service includes everything from the above package    

Price is based on level of dirt

Full body paint will be $10 per foot

RV Wash and Wax
$15.00 per foot
This service will suffice for 90% of you reading this

Includes Full Exterior Wash (including roof wash) listed above
Wax all sides, front and back with marine grade sealant

Additional RV Detailing Services

Roof Cleaning 
(included with any service that includes roof washing)

Heavy Duty Roof Cleaning 
(in person quote required)

Professional RV Scratch Removal 
(in person quote required)

RV Roof
RV Roof

If you are like most RV owners, you have likely never examined your roof and you are certainly not alone.  In most cases, customers are quite shocked when they see pictures of the condition of their roof.       

Please Note: Many people cringe at the thought of a high speed buffer being used on their RV.  We certainly understand this!  BUT REMEMBER- a buffer does not cause damage - the person behind the buffer does!  Years of professional experience is a MUST and this task should never be left to a novice.




650 208 5435

Serving Santa Clara County!

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