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My goal is to be a voice of reason in an industry that is saturated with hype and false advertising.  I will cut to the chase and transform you into an informed consumer by explaining what auto

detailing is really all about.   


David M. Helmer


Car Detail Prices

If you are looking for a detailer who gets the job done right, on time, every time, we are definitely the service for you..  

Ferrari F40

This site was designed to give you as much perspective as possible so that you can become an informed consumer.  While this may seem like an unnecessary complication of something very simple, our customers appreciate the insight. 

Please click the links below for more information on the following topics.









Decontaminate paint and glass with the use of detailing clay 

(This will remove embedded grime and contamination from your paint)


Degrease and dress wheel wells


Degrease and dress tires


Clean wheels including the inside (the barrels) if applicable

(This will not be possible on all vehicles)


Clean doorjambs and sills


Remove road tar and bugs


Fully detail rocker panels


Wax paint






Full vacuum including trunk


Thoroughly clean, shampoo and detail all interior surfaces including but not limited to: carpet, floor mats, upholstery, leather, vinyl, LCD screens, console, glove compartment, cubby holes, steering wheel, instrument cluster, gauges, etc…


Heavy-duty leather cleaning


Leather conditioning using a light, non-greasy solution. 


Removal of scuff marks from threshold kick plate


Clean windows



Cars / Mini Trucks:  Starting at $325


Black Cars:  Starting at $375  


Small SUV’s / Mini Vans / Mini Trucks:  Starting at $375 


Black Small SUV’s / Mini Vans / Extended Cabs:  Starting at $425


Full-Sized SUV’s / Vans / Trucks:  Starting at $450


Black Full-Sized SUV’s / Vans / Trucks:  Starting at $475







Exterior service from above

Starting at $225               


Interior service from above

Starting at $225                                    






Please keep in mind these are starting prices.  This is because not all dirt is created equal and not all cars are equally dirty. The time and effort required to take your vehicle from where it is, to where you want it to be, is a key factor in determining price. But if you want to stick to an exact price, we can do that, too. We can discuss this at the time of your appointment or before.

Some things that will affect price:


-Excessive dirt, spills and stains

-Pet hair

-Excessively dirty headliner – As a rule, we only spot clean headliners.   But if yours is  excessively dirty, this will affect price.

-Your car has never been detailed

-Your car is five years old or older

-Cigarette smoke


Please let us know if there are any other concerns you have – For example: your car has water spots that you would like removed.

Or perhaps your paint has scratches, oxidation or swirl marks that you

would like us to address at the time of your appointment…. 


Please note these issues will require more work which will affect price.

What Do Our Customers Tell Us?

My car has never looked this good!!!

I never expected my car to be this #^&%ing clean!

My car has not looked this good since the day I bought it!

I have never had my car detailed like this before!


Auto Detailing Explained
Perhaps you have never had your car detailed and you are wondering what detailing is all about.  Or perhaps you have had your car detailed but you never had the time or the interest to examine the process.  For a more detailed explanation, please visit:                                         


Frequently Asked Questions


Whether a first timer or not, I am quite sure you will love the end result -
a car, truck, boat or RV as clean and shiny as the day you bought it! 

Auto Detailing is the art of restoring your car to showroom - like condition.  Your car's interior will be detailed using different cleaners, shampoos, steamers, a hot water extractor and so on..  Your car's exterior will be detailed using compound, polishes, various machine buffers, wax, etc...  Ideally, the end result is a car that looks brand-new.  Although this is not always possible, it is our goal!


Additional Detailing Services:  





Paint correction is generally performed with the use of heavy-duty compounds, polishes and high-speed buffers.  We have heard many horror stories of damage caused by these powerful buffers when used by a novice.  THE TRUTH IS THAT A  BUFFER ITSELF IS NOT THE DANGER - THE INEXPERIENCED USER IS THE DANGER! These powerful tools produce professional results when they are placed in the right hands.  But in the hands of a novice, they can and will cause harm!

If you are not happy with the current condition of your paint, we can discuss your options. Our Premiere Service will be the most appropriate and realistic service for most of you reading this.  But we realize that some of you will require more.  If you are somebody with a very discerning eye for details and you want to raise the level of your paint's condition, we can help!!!

Swirl marks / Spider Webbing

Swirl marks are very fine scratches in your paint's clear coat.  They can be very frustrating because they are often seen  the most under the bright sun.  They can be caused by a number of things, such as: 


Improper washing


Dust removal from a dry surface


Consumer grade "Cleaner Waxes" that are very abrasive


Improper use of a high speed buffer
















Boat Detailing - Santa Clara County

For a more detailed description of boat detailing and pricing, please visit: 


Boat Detailing of Santa Clara County

In general, boat detailing costs between $15.00 to $20.00 per foot, based on condition.  This price range includes the inside, outside and the trailer.

Rest assured, I use only the highest quality and most expensive marine grade products for boat detailing.





RV Detailing Santa Clara County


For a more complete description of RV detailing, please visit:

RV Detailing of Santa Clara County

As mentioned above, we only use the highest quality marine grade / RV detailing  products when detailing RV's.








Restored Headlight
Dull Headlight
Paint Oxidation
Boat Cleaning
RV Polishing
Car detailing
Clean Engine Bay

Paint Correction - Per Quote

Paint correction is the art of restoring your car's paint to showroom like appearance. This happens by reducing or eliminating imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches and oxidation.  These are the most common causes of dullness on your paint.  

Engine Detailing 

Our engine detailing prices range from $45 to $70.  As with detailing in general, your price will depend on how thorough you want us to be.  We can do a quick degrease and leave it at that, or we can thoroughly detail every nook and cranny in your engine bay as well as detail the underside of the hood.

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Headlight Restoration 

Polycarbonate (plastic) headlights have a layer of clear coat.  This outer layer oxidizes and causes cloudiness.  This layer needs to be completely removed.  The remaining surface is sanded in multiple stages, buffed several times with a rotary buffer and then polished to clarity.  We then seal the headlights with a marine grade sealant.  Although this sounds complex, it is necessary to produce professional results and to PREVENT the problem from recurring! 




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