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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating Near Me

Allow me to cut through the hype!

Thank you for stopping by!  Perhaps you are unaware of the benefits of ceramic coating, or perhaps you are very aware and have decided your car is ready for this long-lasting, durable and beautiful coating!  Either way, you came to the right place!

What is a Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating solution consists of silicon dioxide (Si02) and and a hardening agent.  This liquid solution is applied to your car's clear coat to which it hardens and forms a chemical bond. This coating has hydrophobic properties which repel water... And did I mention that it adds a beautiful deep gloss?!

Why get a Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating will help protect your car's paint from minor blemishes, such as wash scratches and most importantly, harmful UV rays.  It's hydrophobic properties will also repel water and dirt, keeping you car cleaner for longer.  Your car will still need to be washed regularly, but you will find this much easier... 

When to get a Ceramic Coating?

The best time to get a Ceramic Coating is when your car is brand new.  A brand new car will only require minimal paint preparation and a coating will help maintain that show room shine!!!  

Ceramic Coatings can also be, and are frequently, applied to older cars.  Older cars present more variables that need to be addressed before this magic can be applied.

Can I apply a Ceramic Coating myself?

The short answer is - Yes... However, that does not mean it is a good idea..  There are several very important steps that need to be taken

(clay bar decontamination, wet sanding, rotary buffing and polishing - which are a whole can of worms in and of themselves as well as solvent decontamination.... those are some intricate steps you will need to perform.. make a mistake using the wrong grit sandpaper or burn through your paint with a rotary buffer.... and your paint is ruined..... In this case, your car would need to go to a body shop, followed by a very expensive repair bill.  This would be the worst case scenario... at best, this preparation will take you a week because you don't have experience using these tools and materials.  But wait.. you still haven't even applied the Ceramic Coating!  Ceramic Coating is not user friendly and there is no room for error...  Use the wrong applicator, leave "high spots" or accidentally let it cure before wiping it off - you now have cured glass stuck to your paint - and the only way to remove it is to pay for a very costly repair....... wet sanding, machine compounding, etc.... back to square one..

Ceramic Coating Santa Clara

Ceramic Coating Tesla
Ceramic Coating Tesla

Not all Ceramic Coatings are created equal...  We use only professional grade products and our proprietary process ensures a long - lasting, durable protection for your paint!

The Process

Your car will be  thoroughly washed and the clear coat  will be decontaminated with a clay bar.  Then the clear coat will polished in multiple stages to remove any blemishes.  Your paint will then be prepped one final time. Lastly, a beautiful and long lasting ceramic coating will be meticulously applied to your paint!

This entire process will take several hours.  You will need a garage for this service to be performed and I will request that you do not wash your car for at least 3 days after the coating is applied.


We use only professional grade Ceramic Coating and therefore we warranty our work.  Our  Professional Coatings are rated to last 3 years per the manufacturer.  If your coating does not perform as it should, we will re-apply it at no cost to you!



$700 to $1500.

Please call us for an in person quote or with any questions.




650 208 5435

Serving Santa Clara County!

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