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auto detailing

David Helmer 
Owner / Operator

My goal is to be a voice of reason in an industry that is saturated with hype and false advertising.  I will cut to the chase and transform you into an informed consumer by explaining what auto

detailing is really all about.


I hope we are a good fit!  


David M Helmer




Read what our customers have to say:

"As a contractor, it is important to

me that my company vehicles are clean and presentable. Our vehicles get absolutely filthy on dusty job sites in the Summer, and covered in mud during the Winter.  They get so dirty that only a pro like David can deal with it correctly.  I trust him not to damage the paint or trim, like I have in the past, by using the wrong

products or methods."

"David has never turned away any

of my vehicles for being too dirty. 

When the detail is done, it is like

getting a brand new car! I know that sounds like an overstatement, but

it is the truth.  After using David on

one vehicle, he has detailed all my vehicles from day one of ownership.  And they keep looking like new

every time." 

"David is thorough and informative.

And he explains what he will do in

a way that makes total sense!!"


Bill G.

Mountain View, Ca



Both my wife and I have used

David's detail service for multiple years.  His attention to detail and quality of workmanship are unprecedented.  We have young children who are very hard on our car's interiors.  This year I was

selling my wife's Acura, which was six years old.  The headliner and interior paneling were very dirty

and scuffed.  David restored them

to like - new condition and did an amazing job.  I would highly recommend David's detailing

service to anyone.  From ultra

luxury cars to economy cars, his work is outstanding."

John S.

Los Altos Hills, Ca


"David did an amazing job , detailing our Range Rover!  We have

children and dogs - so needless

to say it was filthy.  After David

spent several hours detailing it,

it felt like it was brand new!"

Beverly S.

Los Altos, CA

"David was able to restore the

faded paint  on my 1990 Porsche!

I thought for sure I would have to take it to a body shop.  David 

treated my car like it was his and

he did such an amazing job

restoring it.  It looks glossy like it never did before and it has lasted!"

Ed V.

Menlo Park, CA

"I decided to have David detail my Mercedes before I sold it  Before he started, he took the time to ask me what I wanted him to focus on the most.  He really listened and responded appropriately.  He did such a good job detailing my car

that by the time he was finished, I almost did not want to sell it!"

Gloria P.

Mountain View, CA

"I decided to have David detail my Mercedes before I sold it  Before

he started, he took the time to ask

me what I wanted him to focus on

the most.  He really listened and responded appropriately.  He did such a good job detailing my car

that by the time he was finished, I almost did not want to sell it!"

Leonard P.

Los Altos, Ca

"David details our cars on a regular basis.  He is a pleasure to work

with as he is an excellent communicator.  Every time he

details our cars, he does such a wonderful job!"

Dora O.

Menlo Park, Ca

"David and his team detail our two cars on a regular basis.  He knows what he is doing and his work shows.  The results are always spectacular!"

Larry N.

Saratoga, Ca

"I called David to detail my wife's minivan and he did a very thorough job! We use it all the time to

transport kids to sporting activities and to travel.  He really took the

time to show us how to maintain

the appearance of our car so that

it won't get too dirty in between

detail appointments."

Ross G.

Palo Alto, Ca

"David detailed our 2000 Mercedes Benz and did a wonderful job.  He was aggressive with the dirt, but gentle in all the right places.  It l

looks like a million bucks!"

Darren P.

Mountain View, Ca

"We called DH Mobile to have our

car detailed before we sold it. 

David and his team came out

and spent a long time cleaning it

and we ended up selling the car

the next day!  Thank you!!!"

Janice P.

Atherton, Ca

"We needed our 2005 Jayco Seneca RV detailed so we decided to give

DH a try.  We had never had it detailed before so we did not

know what to expect.  We did not even know how an RV gets detailed but someone has to know how to

do it.  DH did a very nice job and

we are very happy with the service!"

Russ S.

Mountain View

"I had some scratches on my speed boat and decided to call DH based

on a referral.  David really took the time to remove the scratches and

not just cover them up!"

John Q.

Sunnyvale, Ca

"I needed my horse trailer to be washed and waxed.  I called DH Mobile Auto Detailing and they did

a wonderful job - I will definitely

call them again!"

Frank M.

Mountain View

"These guys did an awesome job on my Porsche Cayenne.  David polished it and removed the swirl marks that were in the paint!"


Dawn J.

Los Altos, Ca

"These guys did an awesome job on my Porsche Cayenne.  David polished it and removed the swirl marks that were in the paint!"

Ann V.

Los Altos, Ca

"We called to have our 2017 Acura detailed  These guys were very thorough and did an amazing job

and they were very professional!  Definitely going to use them again!"

Vince B.

Atherton, Ca

"David is outstanding!  He detailed

my 4 series BMW and once he was finished - the car looked brand new inside and out!  He takes his time

and has great attention to detail. 

He also has great follow-up and makes sure you are satisfied with

the job.  I highly recommend David and refer him to all my friends and family!"

Kelly S.

Menlo Park, Ca

"David does a maintenance detail on my 2014 Maserati every 2 weeks. 

He washes and waxes the outside and then he goes to town on the interior!  At first, I was reluctant o have this service done so often. 

But after seeing how nice it always looks, I love it!  Totally worth the money!"

Nancy M.

Los Altos Hills, Ca

"We have our cars detailed on a regular basis with this company.  This way, we actually save money.  Every time David and his crew

show up to detail our cars, we are aways impressed!  I recommend

DH Mobile Auto to every one I know."

Vivian T.

Mountain View, Ca

Santa Clara County, Ca
and surrounding areas


Car Detailing

Thank you for stopping by!  Most of you reading this have likely been misled and confused by the endless number of "Experts" in the Auto Detailing world...

Most people will relate to the statement above.  But once you become an informed consumer, you will appreciate the specifics and might even wonder how they have been so easily overlooked.  Allow me to cut to the chase and show you how to get the most for your money!

This Thing Called AutoDetailing

Before I entered the world of professional auto detailing, I thought it was nothing more than glorified car washing.  Boy, was I wrong!  I had an untrained eye - I thought I could dissect the endless nuances of the detailing process... but I could not.

black car

Price vs. Value

If you are shopping for an auto detailer based on price alone, we are likely not the service for you.  On the other hand - if you are looking for an auto detailer who values you, your time and delivers truly professional results - we are the service for you!

yellow car

How I would choose an Auto Detailer

Does this person help you make an informed decision?

Are you asking the right questions in order to make an informed decision?  If not, is this person helping you with this?

Does this person help you decide on the best plan for you based on your needs, or does he/she lead you down a path that benefits him/her?

Does this person listen to your concerns so he/she can produce results based on your needs, or does this person have a

"One Size Fits All" mentality?

Experience has taught me that every customer has a different understanding of auto detailing.  In addition, your expectations and needs will vary widely.  It is crucial that you choose an experienced professional to help you make the best decision for you!



I, too, know what it's like to be

disappointed. There is no shortage of businesses that will disappoint you and run, after taking your money.  I'm sure you have also experienced that over-promises and then  

under-delivers.  Unfortunately, this theme dominates most areas of business.  We have found that building trust and solid relationships keeps our customers coming back again and again! 

engine detailing

We Specialize In:







Daily Drivers to Exotics

Daily Rides to show pieces 

Class A, B and C

Toy Haulers & Fifth Wheels


Outboards to Yachts


Single prop to Jet

We have detailed just about every kind of car, boat and RV you can think of, and some you possibly can't!  We specialize in everything from an entry level detail, to a full detail for the most discerning customer with the most critical eye!

red ferrari

Do You:

Value your time and money?

Have a critical eye for details?

Appreciate value more than a dollar amount?

Want to maintain the value and beauty of your car?


Provide a service in a way that builds trust

Value your time

Provide courtesy calls or texts the night before our appointment

Have the integrity to turn down a job that is not a Win / Win for both sides

silver car

Please call me directly to ask any questions or to set up an appointment.  I will show you how our experience sets us apart from the rest.  I can explain how choosing the right detailing products is only part of the requirements for an outstanding detail.  Proper technique, which comes from years of experience, is crucial.  Experience is something that often gets overlooked.  You will find that we deliver a truly awesome experience that goes beyond a detail!



650 208 5435

Serving Santa Clara County!

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